Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany.
We focus on what matters and craft Products that stand out.

Rheingold Music products are the result of over 30 years of expertise and research by founder J├╝rgen Weidner Sr.

From the day we opened our doors in 2010, we swore to never settle for compromises and create the best products for musicians and music enthusiasts on the market. Our commitment to excellence has always been our driving force and motivates us every day to put the utmost care and attention to detail into every single product that we craft.

We are located in the city of Duisburg in Western Germany, one of the epicenters of industrialization in Germany. This city's honest and hard-working spirit and it's heritage inspired everything from our name (since Duisburg lies right on the river Rhine) to our product designs and is an essential part of who we are.


More than just Products.


The thing we care most about at Rheingold Music is your tone.
What we set out to achieve when designing products is to create something that will enable you to get the most out of your instrument and your playing.

Great speakers, amps, cables, pickups or pedals should never feel like they're in your way.
They should seemingly disappear and make the connection between your soul and the notes you play more direct and intimate.

We want you to be able to create the tone you always wanted and for you to be able to express your musical self with absolute freedom.


It all starts with amazing Components.

In order to make sure our products set a new standard in sound reproduction, choosing the perfect components is key. It took years of research and testing to find just the right components that make every single one of our products stand out.

From the hand-selected new-old-stock tubes we use in the preamps of our tube amplifiers, to the fine plywoods we use to build our speaker cabinets, every single part of our products was chosen with the purpose of creating something unique and outstanding.





Products that will stand the Test of Time.

Making products that sound good is one thing, making ones that last is a whole different story.
In this day and age where longevity takes a back seat to profit, we are creating products that are dependable and can travel the world with you.

Our amplifiers use supersized electrical components and an array of fuses in the power supply to protect them against power surges.

The tubes we use have been carefully selected, measured and burned in to guarantee a long lifetime.

Our pedals are made from cast-aluminum and fully sealed to make them sweat- and step-proof.

The finish on our speaker cabinets is highly durable and protects the wood from cracks and scratches.
The machines aluminum grilles protect the drivers from physical damage.

Our cables are some of the most rugged in the business. We've tested them rigorously so as to make sure that bending, stepping on them, or even running them over with heavy flight cases will leave them unscathed.




Our Commitment to the Environment and your Health

Not only do we strive to create products that will last a lifetime, we are committed to do so in a sustainable and ethical way.

We believeHere's how we approach the designing and manufacturing of our products:


Our amplifiers and pedals are made exclusively from aluminum not only because of its low weight and heat dissipation properties - it is also highly recyclable.
So, if one of our products ever reached the end of its life, it won't end up in a landfill.


The plywoods we use for our speaker cabinets are an essential part to their impeccable sonic characteristics.
Best of all, though, they are sourced from sustainable, FSC-certified local suppliers.


We coat our speaker cabinets with a structured lacquer that is not only durable, it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Cable Shielding

We use BPA- and plasticizer-free outer shielding on all our cables.
Both BPA and plasticizers are known to be carcinogenic and an environmental hazard.


BP2, GP2 & KRAFT3 in der Fertigung